Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Read

by Tina Reber

Last week I did not do a weekend read because I was in the middle of reading Tina Reber's second book LOVE UNREHEARSED.   I wanted to include both books in my weekend read, so this week you get a double shot of fabulous reading.


Taryn Mitchell is a bar owner  in Seaport, Rhode Island who believes men should be kept at a safe distance.  Ryan Christenesen just wants to act.  But the demands of fans, the paparazzi, and the studio make that a challenge.  
When Ryan slips into Taryn's bar one day to escape a mob of fans and photographer's, he finds someone who may like him not because of his fame, but despite it.
Their bond grows, but can it survive all of the obstacles that come along with a life of fame?


Taryn's and Ryan's story continues as they find themselves making a commitment to each other that not everyone is happy about.  There's no script to follow for them while they try to figure out how a bar owner from Rhode Island fits into the glitz and glam of Hollywood.  These two are thrown into real life and must risk everything if they want their love to last.

Enjoy two great stories that give a little peak into the not so glamorous side of being a famous movie star.

Have a great weekend full of WONDERFUL reads!

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